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Characteristics and functions of light shelf

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Heavy shelf is preferred. It is specialized in the production of shelves. It has strong bearing, many layers, fast delivery time, excellent price and is trustworthy! Heavy shelves of various specifications can be customized

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Heavy shelf: heavy shelf, also known as tray shelf, has the characteristics of large load-bearing, wide height adaptation range, mechanical access and high selection efficiency. There are many kinds of items that can be stored. With trays and various accessories, it can solve the access problem of most materials. Access mechanical package

The heavy-duty shelf is a kind of shelf which is widely used in the market at present. Its excellent bearing capacity and convenient disassembly structure make it suitable for all kinds of warehouses and can store all kinds of products. Therefore, many enterprises are very satisfied with this shelf. Heavy duty shelves in design

Heavy shelf

Heavy shelf, also known as beam shelf, or cargo space shelf, belongs to pallet shelf. It is the most common shelf form in various domestic storage shelf systems. The fully assembled structure in the form of column piece + beam is concise and effective. It can be added according to the characteristics of the container equipment of the storage unit, such as spacer, steel laminate (steel grating), wire mesh layer, storage cage guide rail

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